TikTok Asia 2018 App Download

TikTok Asia 2018 App  The app allows users to post videos, edit them, and save them for later. The app is free to download and has millions of songs and video clips.

Users can add their own music to videos and create playlists, or choose from a library of their favorite tunes.Users can also follow other users to see what they’re up to.

The app also offers features such as TikTok Duets, which allow users to remix songs and upload them to their videos.Despite the fact that TikTok is a Chinese-based video-sharing app, it doesn’t require much translation.

This popularity extends beyond China, where messaging app WeChat is ubiquitous but mostly used by Chinese communities overseas.


ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming also showed that Chinese entrepreneurs can make it big in a global marketplace, despite China’s Great Firewall.

While the app isn’t available in the Google Play Store, users can download the app from the developer’s website. Be sure to enable security before downloading the app, as it contains malware. Once installed, the app will be compatible with the Android operating system.


TikTok Asia is designed for users in India and Pakistan. There are no ads or paid content on the application, and videos can be uploaded within fifteen seconds. Download 

Users can save their favorite songs, hashtags, filters, and sounds on their account. Users can also send video clips of themselves through direct messaging.

Parents can also set up privacy settings on the app to limit the content that their children can see.However, they should always ensure that the apps are safe for their kids before they download them.

In case of children, it is advisable to get parental approval before downloading TikTok.

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 It has an online store TikTok International has launched an online store. The company is hoping to capture some of the festive spending. The video-sharing app has already hosted live shopping events with brands and influencers over the Black Friday weekend.

In a new twist, the platform is producing a two-day event with Rylan Clark-Neal, which will feature influencers, music, and quizzes. The website is also planning to integrate products into its organic content.

The app has nearly 1 billion monthly active users, and has been testing its e-commerce features in Indonesia and Britain earlier this year. In August, the platform partnered with Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify.

In recent months, the company has added Shopify.Square, Ecwid, and PrestaShop to its list of e-commerce partners. In addition to TikTok International,

Chinese competitor ByteDance has launched an app for sellers. Despite Beijing’s ongoing crackdown on the tech sector, the platform must compete with Facebook in international e-commerce markets.

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