TikTok Asia 2017 App


TikTok Asia 2017 App 

Facebook and Instagram took six years to catch up to TikTok in terms of monthly active users. In the first quarter of 2020, Facebook and Instagram will reach this milestone, but that doesn’t include its users in China.

In China, TikTok operates under a different name, Douyin, and there are nearly a billion active users total in China. The app is currently available in 155 countries and 75 languages.


It has 200 million users in India
The Chinese video-sharing app TikTok dominated the Indian market and by mid-2020, had more than 200 million users in the country. It was banned in 2020 due to political reasons, but remained one of the most popular apps in India.


Between July and June 2020, it was downloaded more times in India than anywhere else. The company is not sure whether it will appeal the ban or appeal for reinstatement.


With more than 200 million users in India, TikTok’s success is not surprising given its popularity. Users love the app’s simple interface and various special effects, and the ban left many users scrambling to find alternatives.

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Although it had been banned in India, Roposo, a similar video sharing app, has continued to grow in the country. It has grown its user base by 22 million within two days following the ban.

While gaining popularity among low-income families, it is worth noting that a majority of users are under 18. The statistics exclude those under 18 years old, which means that many of these households are student flats.

Also, a recent study by WeAreSocial looked at the gender distribution amongst users of TikTok.According to the study, females account for 67% of the user base, whereas males comprise only 10.6% of the user base.

Its popularity has grown to such a degree that it has been banned in several countries. However, the app has remained a popular app among teens, and is now available in 150 countries and 75 languages. It is even becoming popular in countries like Thailand and India, where it has nearly 200 million users. Download 

It also attracts controversy, and it is worth keeping an eye on its popularity. The following tips may help you decide whether or not to download it.

It has an IP lock zone for mainland China
Chinese authorities have banned the overseas versions of TikTok in China’s Trung Quoc province. In response to the ban, the Chinese company decided to implement an IP lock zone in the country.

The lock zone affects only users in Trung Quoc, and users who reside in China cannot access the app with a Chinese IP address. Meanwhile, a cracked version of the app is available on the Chinese internet.

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