TikTok Asia 2016 App


TikTok Asia App 2016

If you are wondering which is better, read on to learn the details. Currently, TikTok is the fifth most downloaded app of all time, with 200 million users in India alone. There is a similarity between the two apps, but the differences between them are still considerable.

While the former includes filters and stickers, the latter does not. As the two apps share the same developer, TikTok Asia is better-suited for Asian users and loads faster. Both have the same features and functionality as the original TikTok.


TikTok is the fifth most-downloaded app in all of time
For the first three months of 2022, TikTok ranked number one on Apple’s App Store, while it ranked second in Google Play, behind only Facebook and Instagram. Download App

The app, owned by Chinese technology company ByteDance, ranked third in Asia and lead app store downloads in the US. Its rival YouTube, with over 30 million downloads, is now battling TikTok for the attention of consumers worldwide.


The app was initially banned in India, but a recent report by Sensor Tower found that the app had become the fifth most-downloaded application of all time. At the time of its Chinese release, it ranked third in Asia, and had been

No. 1 in the App Store and Google Play. That makes it the fifth most-downloaded app in history. But this popularity has come at a cost, too.

Top Features

1* 40-50 Views Video Viral

 2* TikTok Freeze Account Unfreeze

 3*TikTok Video Viral Problem Solve

 4* TikTok Every Video Viral App TikTok Asia 2016 

Tiktok Account Warning Remove

The app has grown to become the fifth most-downloaded app of all time, surpassing Instagram and Facebook in the process. It is the most popular social media app in the world, with more than 3.5 billion downloads in total.

It’s also the only app to not be owned by the parent company of Facebook, Meta. It’s been the most downloaded app in the US since 2018, and is poised to become the fifth most-

downloaded app in all of time by the end of next year.Besides integrating e-commerce, another feature for the platform is an online store. Unlike its U.S./U.K./Canadian counterpart, the Chinese version of TikTok has an e-commerce function.

Moreover, byteDance’s parent company operates a counterpart in mainland China, Douyin, which already offers e-commerce.

It hints at the future of global e-commerce.Several factors make this partnership a good fit for both companies. Initially, the company worked with select merchants in the United States and Canada to test the app’s compatibility with Shopify.

It has since rolled out the feature to a wider audience. Ultimately, it will be up to the merchants to decide how well it works with their business models. Nonetheless, TikTok continues to make its online store as easy to use as possible for online merchants.


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